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What is a tattoo?
A tattoo is a permanent marking on the skin which cannot be removed unless you have laser treatment. A tattoo may fade over the years due to sun exposure or lifestyle activities. A complimentary touch up is recommended from approximately 4 weeks after your initial tattoo procedure.

How do I take care of my new tattoo?
There are various treatments that can be recommended by your Tattoo Artist. After two hours of tattoo completion, the tattoo dressing is removed, shower with warm soapy water and gently pat dry, then for two weeks apply the tattoo aftercare cream recommended by your tattoo Artist. The cream is used sparingly 2-3 times a day. Keep in mind not to scratch, soak in water or expose excessively to sunlight.

Are your tattoo inks safe?
Yes. Each bottle of ink is formulated for tattoos by accredited companies to ensure hygiene, safety and therefore minimizing other risk factors of ink reacting with your skin. Inks are also only used in single use caps which mean a new cap of ink is used for each tattoo.

How do I know if I have a tattoo infection?
If you think you may have an infection, go and see a doctor immediately. Reactions to ink dye are rare. If you experience any fever and swelling or believe you are having an allergic reaction to the inks, consult a medical emergency clinic immediately. Also inform your tattoo Artist of this occurrence.

No Pain. No Gain.
Tattoo pain is bearable but not as painful as childbirth. You can have breaks before going back into the boxing ring.

How do I know everything is sterile?
The needles used for your tattoo are single use only and are disposable. The Stainless Steel Tubes used in your tattoo procedure are sterilized in our Autoclave and accordingly to Health Department Regulation.

I have a bad tattoo, should I laser it?
Laser should be used only as a last resort, so the answer is no. We suggest coming into our shop and have a free consultation with our cover-up tattoo Artists. We do not do tattoo removal but if necessary can refer you to a professional laser centre.

How much is a tattoo going to cost me?
Our basic charge for a tattoo is $110 for a small symbol or script (GST included). It all depends really on what you want to get. Our hourly rate is $200p/hour but we generally like to charge by piece to make it easier and cheaper for our customers. Also if you think you are spending too much, put it this way, you spend $1000+ on your phone plan and that will only last you 6months-2years, what we give you is a life plan of body art!